Thursday, March 4, 2021
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March 3, 2021

ASYMA Solutions Blog: The Sage Intacct Construction Story

Sage is in a unique position to build on this success with the Sage Intacct cloud platform. Collaboration between Sage Intacct and the team responsible for Timberline has delivered a standout, cloud...

March 3, 2021

Microsoft Director of Transformation Services Salla Eckhardt to Chair NIBS BIM Council Steering Committee

The National Institute of Building Sciences has announced that Salla Eckhardt, Director of Transformation Services with Microsoft, will serve as chair of the National BIM Program Steering Committee. “There’s a lot of...

March 3, 2021

Save Our Soles this winter …

Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, announced today the latest developments this winter. Mr. Dente remarked, “we have developed new Tungsten Carbide spikes for winter footwear safety to help prevent slips...

March 3, 2021

Developer wants to demolish these 2 heritage houses, London city staff saying no

London city staff and heritageadvocates are calling for council membersto refuse a developer's request to demolish two brick heritage houses on Dufferin Street to make way for a large apartment building in...

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