Monday, February 26, 2018

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Construction begins on Greater Saint John Field House

Construction on the Greater Saint John Field House is now underway. Excavation and work on the site's foundation began earlier this week, while a sod-turning took place with local officials on Tuesday. Once completed, the facility is expected...

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To grow up, Singapore is drilling down

As blogged on, with 5.6 million residents packed into an area about two-thirds the size of New York City, space is already at a premium on the island of Singapore. What’s more, the city-state’s government expects its population to...

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Blanket your ice with energy savings

Courtesy of Colleen O'Shea Whenever I interview anyone for a story on, I always ask what else they’ve done that’s special at their arena! When I asked Scott Currie from the Abbotsford Arena (harvesting rainwater to build...

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