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Dentec Safety Specialists

Date Listed
Company Dentec Safety Specialists
Phone 905-953-9946

Dentec Safety Specialists Inc. is a family-owned operation founded in 2004, that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of PPE and Safety Equipment.  Based out of Newmarket, ON through a network of authorized distributors, we serve the industrial, safety, food service, janitorial/ sanitation, automotive aftermarket, and healthcare sectors. 

With over 40 years of personal industry experience, Dentec Safety purchased a respirator manufacturing facility in Kansas (2014) that has been manufacturing NIOSH certified and Health Canada approved reusable respirators for 30 years.  Our raw materials are sourced from US manufacturers eliminating our dependency on foreign suppliers. 

Dentec Safety has dedicated our business to providing the highest quality safety products and solutions that deliver enhanced value and comfort and aid organizations in keeping their employees safe while exceeding industry health & safety standards.  When COVID initially invaded Canada (March 2020), we focused our attention to our reusable half mask with our N95 replaceable filters.  This overwhelming success was due to providing an airtight seal. Many hospitals and frontline professionals have utilized our products in Canada and the US and have switched our Comfort-AirNx® elastomeric N95 and P100 reusable respirator.  More industries are switching to our solution to ensure workplace safety and limit transmission of COVID while still providing protection superior protection from Silica Dust and other threats in industrial/ construction settings.

Our Comfort-AirNx® respirator provides the following additional advantages:

  • CANADIAN OWNED, AMERICAN MADE! 100% of our materials are sourced and manufactured in our plant in Kansas.
  • SAFER!  Two-way filtration for breathing in and out.  Disposable respirators have failure rates of 20 – 50% when conducting quantitative fit testing.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE  Internal temperature recordings inside the mask are 2° C cooler than wearing a disposable respirator including a surgical style mask. Say goodbye to face rash and mask acne!
  • BETTER FIT FOR ALL FACES – NIOSH sizing protocols drastically underrepresent women and Asian face shapes and sizes for FFR’s.  Therefore, we designed our Elastomeric Comfort-AirNx® Respirator in two sizes to provide a better fit/ seal qualities for all face shapes and sizes.
  • MORE AFFORDABLE The N95 and P100 filter housing can be disinfected and therefor the filter can be reused.  An Ontario based hospital purchased our reusable respirator solution in April 2020 and changed out the N95 filters in January 2021 for the FIRST TIME.  Our reusable respirator will reduce consumption by hundreds of thousands and millions of units annually depending on the number of users versus disposable respirators.
  • REDUCED WASTE AND LANDFILL COSTS With less consumption comes less cost which makes our product so much more sustainable than disposables. Our Comfort-AirNx® reusable respirator will reduce landfill waste by millions of pounds annually.  It will also reduce incineration costs for those that dispose of the mask and help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Address : 195 B Harry Walker Parkway North
  • City / Town : Newmarket
  • Province / State : ON
  • Postal / Zip Code : L3Y 7B3
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