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Dentec Safety Specialists

Date Listed January 5, 2021
Company Dentec Safety Specialists
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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to cause great stress on all aspects of life including the supply of critical PPE including disposable respirators and manufacturers that produce reusable half masks, filters, and cartridges outside the United States. Supply of disposable respirators of any kind continue to be challenging and the costs for disposable respirators remain elevated by some 7 – 15 times pre-COVID-19. This includes NIOSH approved N95 disposable respirators and also the KN95 product.

NIOSH and Health Canada have identified manufactures in China of both NIOSH and KN95 respirators that are defective and/or do not meet the filtration requirements of the NIOSH N95 rating. Workers in the industrial workplace and healthcare providers that depend on disposable respirators continue to be at risk.

Dentec Safety is proud to say that we have been able to ship NIOSH approved reusable respirators, filters, and cartridges each and every day during the COVID-19 outbreak because we manufacture and assemble these products in our factory located in Lenexa, Kansas. In addition, we have remained committed to purchase our raw materials from manufacturers in the United States. This has proven to be a great benefit!

January 2021 we will establish a second plant located minutes from our currant facility in Lenexa, Kansas. We have added several new and additional pieces of equipment including automated cartridge and filter filling machines, high speed filter cutting equipment, NIOSH testing equipment and many, many more molds for each part of our respirators including masks, parts and cartridge housing. We expect all the new equipment to be fully operational by the end of January.

The investments we have made will allow us to produce product and an unprecedented pace. As of this writing, record levels of COVID-19 cases continue in the United States and Canada it is predicted this will continue for some time. We are ready to provide Made In America NIOSH approved reusable respirator products to protect our industrial workers and healthcare providers.

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