Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Vancouver subway Vancouver’s Broadway subway construction racks up lawsuits

Construction on Vancouver’s Broadway subway has generated at least four lawsuits related to contractors allegedly failing to get paid, thanks to a new action filed May 24. Another legal dispute comes from a merchant upset with how noise and construction disruptions have…

FirstOnsite_SmokeDamage Handling Smoke Damage After A Fire

One of the dangerous effects of any fire is the smoke and soot that remains even after the fire has been put out. Read on to learn more on handling smoke. Where there’s fire, there’s smoke… and smoke damage. You may…

Rona Urban post The very first urban RONA store opens in Western Canada

RONA inc., one of Canada’s leading home improvement retailers operating or servicing some 450 corporate and affiliated stores under different banners, is happy to welcome the T & T Hardware Group owners Al Tsuchyia and Michael Trentalance in its affiliated dealer…