Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Nesbitt Podcast - Attraction and Retention Podcast: Attraction and Retention

I’m incredibly passionate about helping those in the construction industry do what they need to succeed. It seems nowadays it’s increasingly difficult to find people willing to work in the trades. Attraction and retention are crucial in times like these. What…

Recycling our cities Recycling our cities, one building at a time

Takumi Osawa kneels on the narrow balcony of a wooden house outside Tokyo and describes how, 140 years ago, workers would have hoisted baskets of mulberry leaves to the second floor to feed silkworms. When they ate, it sounded like rain.  Known in Japan as minka, these locally crafted structures with…

age of skyscraper Is the Age of the Skyscraper over? (It Should Be)

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)  is best known for tracking building height and acting as “the global authority that bestows titles such as ‘The World’s Tallest Building.'” They describe themselves as: “The world’s leading nonprofit organization for all those…

Quebec City International Airport Creates a Hazard-Free Rooftop

The rooftops at international airports are busy with various units requiring routine maintenance. These flat rooftops include several HVAC units, ducts, gas lines, IT-related technology and much more. Creating a hazard-free roof is critical year-round, especially during the winter months when…

workforce strategies - Bridgit 5 Steps to more effective workforce strategies

As 2023 quickly approaches, the construction industry is dealing with a series of odd contradictions. The after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are signaling a looming recession with rising inflation, rising interest rates, lower consumer scores, dampening willingness and ability to purchase…

fall protection aviation - Kee Safety Fall Protection Solutions for Aviation Industry

Once upon a time, there were few amenities at most airports: restrooms, a cafeteria, a gift shop, and a bar. Passengers did not spend as much time in terminals as they do today. But with heightened security, flight delays, and lengthy…

Geodesic home kit How much does it cost to build a Geodesic Home Kit?

The world today is an uncertain place, especially with the economy so unstable and inflation at an all-time high. There’s an ever-increasing concern over climate change, and people are beginning to take measures into their own hands wherever possible. People are…

CXenergy 2023 CxEnergy 2023 Announces Preliminary Technical Program

The premier event in commissioning, energy management, and building analytics and diagnostics, CxEnergy 2023, announced its preliminary technical program. The event takes place May 2-5, 2023, in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. CxEnergy draws hundreds of the nation’s leading commissioning experts, energy management…