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importance of company culture - mark nesbitt Importance of Company Culture

A strong, positive culture attracts top talent, as people care more about their work environment nowadays than ever before. If you want to retain the best and the brightest, you’ll need to provide a workplace where your people want to stay,…

skyline ladder - case study Decommissioning Of A Non-compliant Access Ladder

COMPANY There’s something for everyone in the family at the Fort McMurray Jubilee Plaza. Located at the corner of Hardin Street and MacDonald Avenue, Jubilee Plaza is where people of all ages are encouraged to hang out, have fun and relax—designed…

5 stages - Bridgit blog 5 Stages of a Construction Project Life Cycle

The construction project life cycle consists of five important phases. Understanding what each stage embodies and how they work together in succession can help you successfully initiate and closeout construction projects. Poor planning, after all, can result in significant delays and additional (and…