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MDA Compaction

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Company MDA Compaction
Phone 844-858-2424

MDA Compaction is the manufacturer of innovative equipment intended for the residual waste management, has gained experience over the years and is constantly improving for better and safer waste and recycling equipment. Thanks to the quality of our products and services, MDA Compaction is able to achieve, in accordance with environmental standards and competitive prices, optimal solutions for residual waste removal, process, storage, transportation, recovery, and disposal. The quality of services & products, the clients’ satisfaction and safety are constant concerns for MDA Compaction’s team.

Products include balers, compactors and tippers.

  • Address : 2323, avenue des Érables
  • City / Town : Plessisville
  • Province / State : QC
  • Postal / Zip Code : G6L 2E9
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