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WALKING FLOOR International / Canada Inc.

Date Listed October 28, 2021
Company WALKING FLOOR International / Canada Inc.
Phone 519-756-9178

The Canadian subsidiary of KEITH Manufacturing Co. specializes in KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems. Whether it be sales inquiries, installations or repairs, WALKING FLOOR International / Canada Inc. is certified to complete any job needed for WALKING FLOOR® systems. KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems provide horizontal loading/unloading solutions for bulk materials, pallets, bales and rolls.

WALKING FLOOR International / Canada Inc. offers specialty products for unloading abrasive materials, such as aggregate and asphalt. Its KEITH® Contractor System offers safe, efficient and versatile unloading options for construction, landscape and road maintenance applications.

The Brantford, Ontario facility are experts in KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system maintenance and repair. It also specializes in the repair and service of all makes of trailers—from home utility to industrial.

  • Address : 65 Bury Ct
  • City / Town : Brantford
  • Province / State : ON
  • Postal / Zip Code : N1S 0A9
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  • Vimeo Link : N/A
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