Friday, June 21, 2024
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Maintenance Matters 04 – Windows and Exterior Doors

Visit the Research Centre at BC Housing to get your free copy of Maintenance Matters 04 – Residential Windows & Doors:

Windows and exterior doors deteriorate over time due to age, wear and tear and the weather, and require ongoing maintenance. This video provides practical tips on inspection and maintenance to help ensure that your windows and doors perform well over the long term.

Watch this video and read the publication to learn:

– Types of windows and exterior doors

– Why do windows and doors need to be maintained?

– What maintenance must be performed?

– How often do windows and exterior doors need to be inspected and maintained?

– Condensation

– Checklist of common window & door maintenance items

– Glass care and maintenance – Action plan tips

Courtesy of BC Housing Research Centre – see their Construction Links Network member profile here