Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Holistic Approach to Infection Control, Security, and Resilience for All Building Systems

Presented by: Scott Hamilton

Today’s building systems are more complex than ever. Technology is ever changing to move society forward, but one very dangerous subject remains when discussing the mechanical trades – exposure to pathogens.

COVID and Legionella have been the headline grabbers, but other dangerous pathogens exist especially when working in healthcare facilities. Whether working on a drain line, duct systems, or even inspecting these systems, great thought and care should be given to protect the occupants and the workers themselves.

This presentation will explain the new ASSE Series 12000 Standard and certification program. We will discuss why infection control is important to technicians and inspectors, and how the ASSE Series 12000 can help achieve the CDC’s and CMS’s goals to eliminate healthcare acquired infections (HAI) and Legionella. We will also discuss the importance of water and air quality programs.

The ASSE Series 12000 now provides a holistic approach for the entire building. Whether it is during construction, maintenance/repair, remodeling, or reopening a building, special considerations should be taken to protect the water and air within the building. Construction workers, engineers, and inspectors must be educated to work safely to protect those within the healthcare facility along with themselves. We will also discuss how and where the ASSE Series 12000 can be implemented.

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