Monday, July 22, 2024
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Cured-in-Place Pipe for Plumbing Professionals

Presented by: Tom Bowman

CIPP application by plumbing professionals is continuously evolving to meet unique needs and challenges. In this presentation, the scope of the need for CIPP is discussed, along with associated advantages to the Property Owners, the Contractors, and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Training & education requirements for the successful utilization of CIPP is emphasized. The successful 50-year performance history of CIPP is outlined while discussing methods and materials differences which have evolved (and somewhat diverged) to address challenges across utility, plumbing, and mechanical sectors. An overview of CIPP materials, equipment, and methods advancements to improve plumbing sector performance is detailed. The comparatively recent rapid adoption of light cured CIPP is specifically highlighted while addressing its considerable potential within the plumbing sector.

As a focal point of the presentation, the types of imperfections encountered with improper CIPP application or installation are examined with an emphasis on the good practices available for avoidance and for identifying & addressing such challenges should they occur. Specific planning & construction phase practices that reliably improve CIPP project outcomes are emphasized. Current industry efforts to develop improved CIPP contractor training & professional certification requirements are addressed. The need for consensus Inspection Standards with associated training and certification is also discussed.

Courtesy of IAPMO Group – see member profile

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