Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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V-9 Unloading Asphalt with Ease

If you can put it in a trailer, chances are good that the robust V-9 slat will unload the material with ease. The unique V-FLOOR® slat design is made for high impact and abrasion, such as aggregate and asphalt. The accompanying KEITH Sweep system ensures superior trailer clean-out as the WALKING FLOOR® system unloads. The KEITH® V-FLOOR® unloading system is designed to handle maximum duty loads. As with all WALKING FLOOR® systems, the V-FLOOR® system provides safe, efficient and versatile unloading.

V-FLOOR® Slat Features

∙ No floor seal.

∙ Leak resistant.

∙ Full length bearing support.

∙ Impact resistant.

Courtesy of Keith Manufacturing Co. – see their Construction Links Network member profile here