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Towards A Suicide Safer Construction Industry: An Australian Perspective

Construction workers have higher than average suicide rates compared to other employed men (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States). In Australia, six workers are lost to suicide for every worker killed in fatal accidents.

MATES in Construction is an industry-based intervention seeking to improve mental health and reduce suicide amongst construction workers.

The goal of the MATES program is to create a common purpose and willingness to take on suicide prevention as a shared responsibility for the industry. The MATES program is focused on raising awareness about suicide and mental health issues facing the construction industry, build strength and resilience at the workplace level and ensuring individual workers in need are connected to the best available resources. Using the position and knowledge gained through the on-site program, MATES informs the industry about best practices and emerging issues through partnerships with leading academics.

Jorgen will present this information through his personal journey as a plumber, suicide survivor, and industry leader to suicide prevention professionals.

Courtesy of Alberta Construction Safety Association