Monday, May 20, 2024
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The $4 billion upgrade of the World’s Weirdest Airport

Underground tunnels that serve as secret bunkers crawling with aliens and lizard people. An array of strange symbols linked to the Illuminati and the New World Order. Sinister murals that hint towards the world apocalypse. And a cursed blue horse sculpture with piercing red eyes known as ‘Bluecifer’.

These are just some of the many strange conspiracies you might have heard about when flying through Denver International Airport in Colorado.

Ever since its construction, outlandish rumours have been a hot topic among conspiracy theorists – and in recent years – ones that the airport itself has fully embraced.

But mysterious murals and odd symbols might not be the only thing you’ve noticed in Denver. As America’s third busiest airport – with over 58 million flyers in 2021 – Denver is racing to keep up with increasing passenger demand, and its $4.3BN reconstruction project is aiming to complete by 2028. Read more

Courtesy of The B1M