Monday, June 17, 2024
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TANU Puts the Spotlight on Water Leak Detection

PCL worked with Eddy Solutions on our first full-scale permanent deployment of their holistic water monitoring and leak detection system at Edenshaw’s TANU Condos.

A smart leak mitigation system, Eddy Solutions provides real-time data about water consumption, leak detection and flood protection within the building. Using sensors, flow monitoring and shutoffs, the product reduces the risk of water damage and overall water waste. It has been deployed throughout the building during and after construction and is now a feature for residents in-suite as well.

TANU has been a pilot project for a number of technology initiatives, as part of PCL’s ongoing digital transformation strategy and core construction offering. From a full suite of Eddy Solutions to Internet of Things (IoT) single point sensors, to artificial intelligence and machine learning, TANU is a case study for the benefits of technology in construction.

Courtesy of PCL Construction