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Introducing the Certified Concrete Pump Operator Program

Introducing the Certified Concrete Pump Operator (CCPO) Program—a prestigious certification developed by the BCCSA (British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance) and recognized by both industry and regulator. This competence-based certification marks concrete pump operators as Certified Concrete Pump Operators (CCPOs), demonstrating their dedication to competence, safety, and environmental awareness.

Crafted by industry and safety professionals, the CCPO program ensures operators possess both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in concrete pump operations, ensuring proficient performance in the field.

With certifications available for five pump types, including Tower Placing Booms, High-Pressure Line Pumps, Low-Pressure Line Pumps, and Truck Mounted Boom Pumps, CCPOs help reduce risks and raise the bar on safety at the worksite.

Employing CCPOs can translate to fewer accidents and injuries, and less property damage as operators are thoroughly vetted and capable of adhering to industry best practices.

By prioritizing safety and professionalism, employers bolster their public image and embrace a safer and more efficient future with CCPO-certified operators leading the way.

Courtesy of BC Construction Safety Alliance