Monday, May 20, 2024
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How engineers move entire buildings

It is quite frustrating to search for a house, and finding the right one can be a pain in the neck.

Sometimes the neighborhood is lovely but the houses are not suitable for you, and sometimes you find the perfect house but this time surroundings are not preferable. If only there were a way to move your favorite house to the perfect neighborhood… Well, there is, and the process is called “building relocation” but how do you move a building in the first place? Moreover, is it expensive to move a building?

The process is nothing like transporting fabricated houses or mobile homes. It involves using powerful jacks and moving the building on skids. However, there are a lot of measures and precautions to be taken before moving anything. For such a hard task, competent professionals and powerful tools are required. They make preparations and carefully evaluate the building’s structural integrity to find the best way to lift and move it without significantly injuring it.

After all the planning, there will still be some minor issues to be taken care of such as disconnecting sewage systems, electricity, and removing the furniture. Only then can the actual work start. If you are interested in how this entire process is done and what kind of things are taken into consideration before moving a building, we highly recommend you to watch our video for further information! Who knows, maybe you will find a way to live in your favorite house by relocating it to the most perfect neighborhood.

Courtesy of Interesting Engineering