Thursday, November 30, 2023
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A Crucial Reminder to all ECAO and IBEW Members

Our Need for Continued Vigilance on Construction Sites to Stop the Spread of COVID-19.

We offer our continued and sincere gratitude to all IBEW and ECAO members for all you have done to this point in our continuing fight against COVID-19! Your commitment, diligence, and awareness thus far have been an inspiration to our industry, other sectors, and Ontarians.

Develop and Implement Site Specific COVID-19 Plans that meet MOLTSD and Municipal Health Authorities’ Requirements.

Maintain Physical Distance. The pandemic isn’t over.

Wear a Mask. The pandemic isn’t over.

Wash your Hands Often. The pandemic isn’t over.

Do Not Relax. The pandemic isn’t over.

We are all still battling COVID-19. So, while construction has, thus far, performed well; please continue your tremendous efforts to curb the spread. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and stay well. Take care of others and take care of yourself.

Courtesy of ECAO