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Yesy Hernandez of Climatisation HVAC to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / — Oprah Winfrey once said, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” Our guest did just that and credits many individuals for her success. This is the story of Yesy Hernandez.

Yesy Hernandez is the owner and founder of Climatisation HVAC, where she has attained much success, personally and in business. For instance, she is a woman-owned business in an industry that is primarily male-dominated. In addition to being women-owned, she also is a Hispanic-owned business. Most amazing is that she is the first-generation owner of an HVAC company – meaning that she didn’t inherit it from an older relative.

“I work with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” explains Yesy. “My main function is to oversee all operations from the smallest to the largest. I do everything from servicing to installation, commercial and residential.”

“As I focus mainly on commercial in the Los Angeles area, especially Beverly Hills and Malibu, I work with a number of high-end boutiques. This includes Moncler, Zegna, Iro, Birkenstock, Kith, Loewe, Tod’s, Amiri, and Chanel among others. I also perform super high-end residential work. One notable client is Joseph Miller, the owner of The Platform in Culver City.”

“I consider my brand to be exclusive,” adds Yesy. “People come to me!”

Yesy started out by working in insurance. She then befriended the owner of an HVAC company in the Los Angeles area and started working for him. Ultimately, she became a partner in the business. A few years ago, he passed away and founded her own HVAC company in 2022, Climatisation HVAC. With her established reputation from previous clients in the former business, she meets continued success.

In addition, much of her success can be attributed to the people in her life. One influential figure is a person that Yesy considers to be her mentor, Alfred Babayans. He owns an air conditioning company called Techno-Advanced, Inc., where he does massive projects – two hundred to five hundred units. “He taught me everything I know!” notes Yesy. “I see him like a father figure.”

Two business associates that Yesy shows considerable appreciation for are Giovanni Aguilar Sr. and Giovanni Aguilar Jr. “I am thankful for them because they are part of my growth in this company,” mentions Yes. “They are honest, hardworking, and very knowledgeable.”

“Value the people that you work with,” adds Yesy. “Your company is like your family.”

Another individual that Yesy is grateful for is her daughter Yasmin.

While Yesy still faces many challenges, especially as a woman-owned business and a Hispanic-owned business, she continues to overcome them being surrounded by the right people. Ultimately, she plans to grow Climatisation HVAC to be the largest HVAC company in Los Angeles.

Yesy concludes by referring to her mother Teresa. While she recently passed away, she remains a major influence in Yesy’s life. “Never give up!” her mother inspires. “When you make a decision, stand by it. Become hard-working and disciplined. Be a kind, honest, and humble person.”

“All these traits, I thank my mother for,” concludes Yesy.

Close Up Radio will feature Yesy Hernandez in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on Friday May 17th at 1pm Eastern and with Doug Llewelyn on Friday May 24th at 1pm Eastern

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