Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Vinyl Siding Institute Announces Expanded Product Representation/Name Change to Polymeric Exterior Products Association

New name and identity support strategic vision and growth goals while marking a new chapter for the growing polymeric exterior building products category

Today’s manufacturers of polymeric exterior building products face several common opportunities and challenges that can best be tackled together.”

— Kate Offringa, President & CEO of PEPA

ALEXANDRIA, VA, U.S., May 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is excited to announce an expanded representation of products including renaming the organization to the Polymeric Exterior Products Association (PEPA). This evolution further solidifies the organization’s role as a leader in advancing the polymeric exterior building products industry. The transition to the new name and branding is effective immediately.

The polymeric exterior products category has continued to grow as homeowners look for high performance and resilient products that come in a virtually endless collection of styles, colors and patterns for any home exterior. PEPA will help foster this continued category growth by representing polymeric products like cladding, trim, decking, fencing, roofing, windows, railing, doors, gutters and downspouts. Membership is open to product manufacturers and suppliers to the industry, and for the first time, the association aims to add downstream industry members as well (i.e., builders, contractors, dealers, distributors).

Since 1978, VSI has helped vinyl and other polymeric siding grow to the top position in the cladding category by championing the benefits of resilient, beautiful siding, said Kate Offringa, President and CEO of PEPA.

“As our category has evolved, so has the demand for more varied architectural products with ever growing performance and aesthetic features,” Offringa said. “Today’s manufacturers of polymeric exterior building products face several common opportunities and challenges that can best be tackled together. That’s why we are shifting from a singularly focused siding association to one that represents the growing category of polymeric building products used across the entire home exterior and its surroundings.”

A Look Behind the Evolution

The expanded role of the association was the culmination of more than a year of work, including member surveys and interviews, Board of Directors ideation sessions, hours of thoughtful collaboration, high-level research and evaluation from all angles. The team also sought opinions to understand current and potential future members’ needs, goals and vision for the industry’s future.

“Last year, we embarked on this transformative initiative to better define how our association could help lead, evolve and elevate a position for our members’ products and leverage this exciting time in our industry,” Offringa explained.
With the association’s name change and rebrand, the team is unveiling a new visual identity, updated website and refreshed positioning out to the market effective immediately.

The Next Chapter is Now

PEPA Board of Directors Chair Ralph Bruno said the timing of the rebrand is ideal for this next chapter for the association and its members. “In the face of changing perceptions, a higher demand for construction products, and labor challenges, we can have a greater impact on our industry than ever before. By learning, collaborating and building as a group, we will forge a path that drives more value for all—from raw materials and manufacturing to installation and homeowner enjoyment.”

Offringa added: “I am excited about our expanded purpose. A united industry is a stronger industry. More advocacy wins will protect and open key markets for growth. More workforce training programs will drive incremental laborers and enable the growth of our products in the industry. More sustainability helps drive consumer preference for our products and ensures a better world.”

To watch PEPA’s brand launch video, visit https://youtu.be/VxqWLNjBgY8. As part of the rebrand, the association has updated its website — https://polymericexteriors.org/.

About the Polymeric Exterior Products Association (PEPA)

The Polymeric Exterior Products Association (PEPA) is the trade association representing the wide range of polymeric exterior building and home improvement products used to build resilient, beautiful home exteriors on and around homes across North America. Our goal is to create more relevance, value and impact for our products for all those in the value chain. By uniting members across our category, we aim to promote the benefits of polymeric products to the homebuilding industry and drive a more significant impact than ever before.

Lisa Dunn
Polymeric Exterior Products Association (PEPA)
+1 703-625-7822