Saturday, April 13, 2024
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The Whale Hunters Unveil Clone Coach “Barbara AI” for Large Account Salespeople and Teams

Photo of Barbara Weaver Smith

Barbara Weaver Smith, Founder and CEO, The Whale Hunters, Inc.

The Whale Hunters Logo

The Whale Hunters Logo

New Learning Platform Features Account Acquisition and Expansion Strategies for B2B Sellers

The clone patiently interacts with members who are studying our digital learning materials, transforming the Institute from a passive to a highly interactive and collaborative learning experience”

— Barbara Weaver Smith

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2024 / — The Whale Hunters today announced the launch of The Whale Hunters Institute featuring Barbara AI, a new clone of the Founder and CEO, Barbara Weaver Smith. Barbara AI is an AI-powered Whale Hunting Coach that offers a novel way for entrepreneurs, sales leaders, salespeople, solopreneurs, and subject matter experts to learn, internalize and implement The Whale Hunters Process™ to successfully land and expand large B2B accounts.

“Barbara AI has learned almost everything that I have produced over sixteen years about large account selling,” says Barbara Weaver Smith, Founder and CEO at The Whale Hunters Institute. “The clone patiently interacts with Institute members who are studying digital learning materials that we have produced, transforming the Institute from a passive to a highly interactive and collaborative learning experience.”

Features and benefits of The Whale Hunters Institute’s Barbara AI include:

24/7/365 Intelligent Support
• Accessible at all times on The Whale Hunters Institute website.
• Trained to comprehend all Institute materials, including books, courses, audio tips, and blog posts.

Chat or Voice Interaction
• Instant answers to questions typed or spoken.
• Capability to engage via embedded phone for seamless interaction.

Personalized Experience
• Recognizes and remembers users and their businesses.
• Stores previous chats for continuity and personalized coaching.

Continuous Learning and Improvement
• Adapts and evolves with new insights from Institute updates, blog posts, podcasts, and other resources.

The Whale Hunters Institute with Barbara AI is now available at $29 USD per month. A two-week free trial is available with no credit card required. We offer special rates and features for company teams.

For more information, visit

Barbara Weaver Smith
The Whale Hunters, Inc.
+1 317-370-3828
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The Whale Hunters “Barbara AI’ Sales Coach