Thursday, June 20, 2024
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The Robin Foundation Exceeds Narcan Distribution Targets and Initiates Community Engagement Campaign

Cristina Frisby Cavallo Co Founder of The Robin Foundation-Harm Reduction Expert

Cristina Frisby Cavallo Co Founder of The Robin Foundation

The Robin Foundation Logo Which Represents Love and Unity

The Robin Foundation Logo

Narcan Boxes distributed by The Robin Foundation

Narcan Boxes distributed by The Robin Foundation

Robin Foundation has exceeded previous year’s Narcan distribution numbers, marking a significant accomplishment in the battle against opioid-related fatalities.

“recovery community named Robin’s Nest in memory of her twin sister, Stefanie Cavallo, catering to homeless women and children struggling with substance abuse disorder and mental health challenges”.”

— Cristina Cavallo

DAVIE, FL, USA, June 10, 2024 / — The foundation’s outreach efforts have been strategically directed towards various sectors, including colleges and universities, the hospitality industry, mobile home communities, and marginalized populations in South Florida.

At the heart of The Robin Foundation’s mission is its ongoing training programs aimed at equipping organizations with the essential knowledge and skills to combat the challenges posed by the opioid pandemic, instances of Fentanyl poisoning, and vital techniques for administering Narcan to reverse an overdose effectively. The training curriculum is continuously updated to educate the public about the emerging trends of new drug combinations such as Xylazine and Medetomidine. These substances, commonly employed by veterinarians as animal tranquilizers, have been increasingly linked to recent “mass overdose outbreaks,” emphasizing the urgent need for awareness and preparedness among the community.

The Robin Foundation has forged strong partnerships with key community stakeholders, including the Florida Department of Children & Families (FL DCF) and the Florida Department of Health, who have significantly supported the foundation’s efforts by facilitating Narcan distribution and connecting them with other organizations in need of Narcan and training assistance—collaborations with The Broward Sheriff’s Office, The United Way of Broward, Davie Fire/Rescue, Hollywood Fire/Rescue, several Broward-based colleges/universities, and other joint initiatives have further reinforced The Robin Foundation’s impact on the local community. This past week, The Davie Fire & Rescue’s Nurse Nana Vega, in charge of Community Outreach, and Chris Cavallo of The Robin Foundation were invited to put two boxes of Narcan and training information in 37 AED cabinets located in the Nova University Residence Halls. “Our youngsters, especially those college/university students who are leaving their homes from around the USA and overseas for the first time, need to be protected from an accidental overdose and loss of life; we cannot let this happen,” as stated by Chris Cavallo-Co -Founder of The Robin Foundation.

Recognizing the importance of raising public awareness, The Robin Foundation has garnered significant attention from local media outlets, including Fox News, Texas Documentary Films, WLRN, and NBC 6, where its co-founders, Chris and Cristina Cavallo, shared their personal stories of loss due to opioids and Fentanyl poisoning. Cristina Cavallo, The Robin Foundation Co-Founder, stated: “The foundation’s ultimate vision is to establish a recovery community named Robin’s Nest in memory of her twin sister, Stefanie Cavallo, catering to homeless women and children struggling with substance abuse disorder and mental health challenges.”

The Robin Foundation appeals to the South Florida community for financial support through donations from individuals, families, and local businesses to sustain its lifesaving initiatives and Narcan training programs. Monthly contributions are crucial to enable the foundation to escalate its impact and continue its mission of spreading awareness, combating stigma associated with addiction, and promoting harm reduction through medication-assisted treatment.

To expand outreach and impact, The Robin Foundation calls for volunteers to assist in training the public, administrative support to the founders, telephone support, and Narcan distribution during weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Even a few hours of commitment can save lives and create a more resilient community. Through collaborative community support and engagement, The Robin Foundation is determined to make a significant positive impact by reducing the tragic toll of opioid and Fentanyl poisoning fatalities on individuals and families.

For more information on supporting The Robin Foundation, making donations, or volunteering opportunities, please visit their website or contact

Chris Cavallo
The Robin Foundation
+1 954-310-0382
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Fentayl Poisoning: Stefanie Cavallo’s Story