Thursday, June 20, 2024
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The Rabbit Whole Podcast Sheds Light on Construction Fraud and Industry Deregulation in Midlothian, VA

Image of the Rabbit Whole Mascot in Spacesuit Podcast emblem

Rabbit Whole Podcast

Rabbit Whole's Chart of DPOR's Deregulation of Unlicensed Violations for Contractors from 1995-Present

DPOR’s Deregulation of Unlicensed Violations for Contractors from 1995-Present

Large hole in ceiling tarped to prevent mold spores from dropping

The Ceiling Collapse and Subject of the Rabbit Whole Podcast

Rabbit Whole Podcast exposes construction fraud & deregulation in Midlothian, VA. Listen on Spotify, Apple, or Podbean

MIDLOTHIAN, VA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2024 / — The Rabbit Whole Podcast, a new podcast series, is bringing attention to the alarming issues of construction fraud and the harmful effects of industry deregulation on consumers. The podcast chronicles a personal journey through a tumultuous new home construction process and highlights the need for awareness of a regulatory vacuum in Virginia.

Hosted by independent investigative journalist and CEO, Andie Driffill, The Rabbit Whole Podcast delves into the world of construction fraud and the lack of regulations in the industry. Driffill, who personally experienced the devastating effects of bad construction when her ceiling collapsed, is determined to bring this issue to light and advocate for change.

The podcast features interviews with experts in the construction industry to outline best practices and wellness industry professionals who discuss detoxification from mold and indoor air pollution. Through these conversations, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the tactics used by fraudulent contractors and the loopholes in the system that allow them to continue their deceitful practices.

Driffill’s vision is that The Rabbit Whole Podcast will not only serve as a cautionary tale for consumers but also spark a conversation about the need for stricter regulations in the construction industry. She believes that by shedding light on this issue, consumers can better protect themselves from falling victim to construction fraud.

The Rabbit Whole Podcast is a unique addition to the expanding world of podcasts, as it addresses a pressing issue that affects many individuals in Midlothian, VA, and beyond. Listeners can tune in to the podcast on all major podcast platforms, with new episodes bimonthly. Gain deeper insight into all of the agencies involved and the role of state government by subscribing to articles from The Looking Glass. For more information, visit The Rabbit Whole Podcast website.

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