Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Small Businesses Gearing Up for a Difficult Summer Slump

Amid ongoing economic challenges, businesses accustomed to seasonal swings that depress summer revenue anticipate additional challenges this year.

Given the current economic conditions, taking a multifaceted approach to seasonality preparation is essential.”

— Armando Armendariz

EL PASO, TEXAS, USA, May 1, 2024 / — Leading invoice funding company Viva Capital says small businesses are gearing up for what may be a particularly difficult summer as seasonality sets in amid ongoing economic challenges. Additional coverage of the topic is available in “Agile Business Transformation: Navigating Market Shifts for Long-Term Success,” which is now live on

Half of all small businesses experience a significant uptick in revenue during the fourth quarter. While this seasonal swing is usually appreciated, it usually comes at the cost of revenue elsewhere in the year. For many, that time is summer. The slump is known for creating cash flow issues, which makes it more challenging for small businesses to cover everyday expenses from payroll to vendor payments. However, Main Street is already stretched thin due to interest rate hikes and rising supply and wage expenses, and traditional bank lending has not yet returned to normal levels. These conditions mean this summer could be especially grueling for those coping with seasonality, too.

“We’ve seen a lot of businesses trying to shore up their finances over the winter and spring in preparation for a seasonal slump,” explains Armando Armendariz, Director of Business Development and Partner of Viva Capital. “Given the current economic conditions, taking a multifaceted approach to seasonality preparation is essential.”

Armendariz notes that while conventional wisdom about saving more and spending less is still being followed, the way that businesses approach it is shifting. For instance, debt aversion is becoming more common. Businesses are leveraging funding solutions like invoice factoring to avoid taking on new debt or to accelerate payment on receivables to get their debts paid off faster and eliminate extra bills and interest before the seasonal slump kicks in. The same solution, he says, can help them bridge cash flow gaps during the off-peak season, too.

When paired with other proven strategies, such as flattening the curve by building demand before the slump and exploring ways to boost revenue like subscription offerings, businesses have a much easier time navigating a slow season and can even create measurable growth, he says.

Those interested in learning more about invoice factoring are encouraged to contact Viva Capital at

Founded in 1999, Viva helps B2B businesses of all types accelerate cash flow through specialized funding solutions like factoring, accounts receivable financing, and asset-based lending. Their simple qualification process makes it easy for small and mid-sized companies to get vital funding despite lack of credit or time in business. Additional information is available at

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Agile Business Transformation Navigating Market Shifts for Long Term Success