Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Servants at Work Builds 200 Home Ramps in St. Joseph County, Indiana

SAWs marks 200 ramps in St. Joseph County, Ind. Dedicated to mobility solutions, the nonprofit enhanced accessibility and inclusivity, transforming lives.

MISHAWAKA, INDIANA, US, May 16, 2024 / — Servants at Work (SAWs) is proud to announce a significant milestone as they celebrate their 200th client served in Saint Joseph County, Indiana. SAWs, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing mobility solutions, has transformed the landscape of South Bend – Mishawaka area with 200 ramps, fostering inclusivity and enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals facing mobility challenges. This achievement underscores the dedication and commitment of Frank Aquila, the Area Coordinator in St. Joseph County, and his team of hardworking volunteers who have tirelessly worked to bring accessibility to families in the county.

On Saturday, May 18th, Frank Aquila and his team will embark on their 200th project: constructing a safe access ramp for Susan Chambers, 84, and her son, Greg, 58. Greg, who relies on a power chair, now faces increased caregiving responsibilities for his mother, who has also begun using mobility aids. The need for a ramp arises to ensure both Greg and his mother have proper access to Susan’s home. Despite these challenges, Greg and his mother remain optimistic, and the ramp will provide crucial accessibility for both of them.

“Since Greg’s accident decades ago, he has not been able to access his mother’s living quarters due to the size of his powerchair. With recent developments, the need for a ramp has become crucial to ensure his mother’s safety and enable him to provide care and support,” said Frank Aquila, SAWs Area Coordinator.

SAWs will begin prefabricating the ramp on Friday, and on Saturday, they will complete the construction at the client’s home in Mishawaka. For more information about Servants at Work and their mission to provide accessibility to those in need, please visit

About SAWs: Founded in 2003, SAWs® (Servants at Work, Inc.) is a faith-based, volunteer-powered nonprofit organization serving clients throughout Indiana, as well as Arizona and Virginia. SAWs specializes in safe access ramps and for individuals living with longterm disabilities in low-income households. In less than six hours, a custom-built SAWs ramp can transform a person’s life. SAWs ramps are gateways, re-opening the possibilities of connecting with neighbors and the community, and helping clients choose to remain living in their own homes. In 2024, Servants at Work celebrates serving their 4000th client and is excited about growing to serve more clients every year. For more information or to donate online, please visit

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