Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Ruhe The Home Look Introduces Sustainable and Artisanal Home Decor to the U.S. Market

Innovative home decor brand introduces sustainable and luxurious bedding made with genuine cotton and natural plant-based dyes.

FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 / — Ruhe The Home Look is a home décor brand weaving a narrative of culture, sustainability, and empowerment into every piece they create. Founded by two sisters driven by their shared love for design and the rich cultural heritage of their home country, India, Ruhe offers American consumers a unique opportunity to adorn their living spaces with charming, ethically crafted home decor items.

What differentiates Ruhe from other brands in the crowded home decor market is their emphasis on quality and sustainability. Each of their quilts, shams, and comforters is crafted from 100% cotton and dyed using natural, chemical-free, plant-based colors. This creates a safer and healthier alternative to conventional bedding products, which often contain synthetic materials and chemical dyes. It also aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-conscious products.

“Unlike existing conglomerates, we do not sell you polyester in the name of cotton,” said the founders of Ruhe The Home Look.

Often, mass-produced bedding and decor items are marketed as premium quality but use synthetic blends advertised as pure cotton. Ruhe prides itself on transparency and authenticity, confident that all its products are crafted from genuine cotton.

Moreover, the brand’s offerings are deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship. Every piece is hand-curated, hand-made, and hand-printed using the ancient technique of block printing—a method that involves stamping fabric with intricately carved wooden blocks. This traditional technique not only adds a unique, artisanal touch to each piece but also celebrates a centuries-old craft, providing a contemporary platform for rural artisans to showcase their skills.

Ruhe helps preserve ancient craftsmanship traditions that might otherwise be lost while offering consumers distinct, hand-crafted home decor items that stand out in both quality and design.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is paralleled by its dedication to social responsibility. All their products are made in India, where they provide meaningful employment opportunities to rural women who often face limited economic prospects. By bringing their products to the American market, the founders of Ruhe The Home Look aim to create a bridge that empowers these women, allowing them to achieve financial independence and a better quality of life.

This mission is personal for the founders, who have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by rural women in India. “Having experienced seeing rural women being denied the opportunity for fiscal independence motivated us to bring their products to the American market. Every purchase helps us put a smile on their happy faces.”

Ruhe The Home Look ships throughout the United States. It offers a range of products that cater to discerning and environmentally-conscious customers. Each item, from luxurious bedding to beautiful shams, is designed to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.
By choosing Ruhe, customers are enhancing their living spaces with beautiful, high-quality products and supporting a brand that values tradition, sustainability, and social impact.

To explore the full range of Ruhe The Home Look’s offerings and learn more about its mission, visit

About Ruhe The Home Look

Ruhe The Home Look is a home decor brand founded by two sisters with a passion for design and sharing their cultural heritage. Inspired by the word “Ruhe,” a German noun meaning peace and quiet and a Hindi verb that symbolizes the soul, the brand aims to create serene and soulful living spaces through its products. Its offerings include premium 100% cotton bedding and home decor items that use natural, chemical-free dyes sourced from plant-based colors. Each item is hand-made and hand-printed using a traditional block printing technique, Chippas. More than offering quality products, the brand emphasizes sustainability and social responsibility, empowering a generation of mindful consumers while supporting rural women in India in achieving financial independence.

Ruhe – The Home Look
Team Ruhe