Friday, June 14, 2024
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Over 200 Selectable Tool Box Talks Available For Supervised Use or as Assignable Tasks

SAN MATEO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2024 / — ROO.AI announced today the availability of an add-on module to extend the platform’s capabilities for EHS use. In addition to ROO.AI’s unique visual inspection technologies which are used for equipment safety inspections, facilities safety checklists and incident reports, ROO.AI customers can now add a library of over 200 Tool Box Safety Talks. The new module also offers customizable Job Hazard Assessment (JHA/JSA) templates for use in field operations.

The new module was developed with ROO.AI customers who saw they could benefit from the easy-to-use mobile app to improve EHS work processes. The JHA/JSA templates can be easily customized to add unique hazard and mitigation elements, as well as, customized to rate hazard risk pre and post mitigation. The Tool Box Talks are available in two packages: Supervisor delivered talks and Self-serve assignable tasks for workers. Additional Tool Talks can be added to the standard library, or a customized library can be used for the Tool Box Talks.

“As our customers used ROO.AI for their equipment and quality inspection processes, we began to get requests to help them expand their usage into EHS processes,” said Stephen Zocchi, CMO at ROO.AI. “EHS makes sense as a natural expansion use case for ROO.AI, providing frontline workers with a common platform for their work instruction, maintenance, quality and now safety tasks.”


ROO.AI, a purpose built platform to address frontline workforce skills gaps, is simplifying the jobs of frontline workers, and improving production, quality and costs for companies that depend on a frontline workforce for success. ROO.AI replaces paper to automate tasks such as assembly, inspections, quality control, equipment and field maintenance with a breakthrough visual interface, guided assistance and Bots on mobile devices to show workers exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. A complete platform, including asset management, issue traceability, planned maintenance, work order management and analytics, ROO.AI digitalizes end-to-end frontline processes while helping companies onboard faster and upskill their workforce.

Stephen Zocchi