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Plaid +

Plaid + - International award-winning

Paytome. co partners with Plaid, expanding fintech services & enhancing user experience. #FintechInnovation #PlaidPartnership

At, we’re setting the pace as the industry’s fastest Text-To-Pay digital FinTech platform.”

— CEO of

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 11, 2024 / — In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the fintech landscape,, an international award-winning Digital Payment Platform and strategic partner of NASDAQ-listed AppTech Payments Corp. (NASDAQ: APCX), proudly announces its strategic partnership with Plaid, the world’s leading financial data network. This alliance is poised to revolutionize the way businesses across the globe, particularly within the e-commerce, travel, and hospitality sectors, engage with financial data services, marking a new era of secure, seamless, and innovative financial solutions.

Leveraging the impactful alliances Plaid formed with industry giants like Okta, Fiserv, Treasury Prime, and Riskified, now offer unprecedented access to Plaid’s sophisticated financial data sharing technology. Elevated into Plaid’s prestigious Partner Directory as a Platform Partner and Reseller Partner, is sparking a new era of fintech solutions for international markets. Uniquely, broadens its service portfolio, merging its proprietary solutions with Plaid’s celebrated financial data sharing capabilities, to deliver a comprehensive dual-platform service to its clientele.

Mike, CEO of, articulates the transformative potential of this collaboration: “Joining forces with Plaid doesn’t just elevate; it catapults our clients into the next frontier of financial technology. We are now equipped to unlock a universe of possibilities for businesses worldwide, fostering growth, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating frictionless financial experiences. This partnership is more than an alliance; it’s a launchpad for global fintech innovation.”

The dual-platform service, integrating Plaid’s capabilities with’s platform, underscores a joint dedication to creating secure and accessible financial ecosystems. This offering allows businesses to harness’s innovative digital payment solutions alongside real-time financial data from Plaid. It streamlines payment processes and bolsters customer trust, all while maintaining the utmost standards of security and compliance.

As prepares to roll out new features and capabilities powered by this partnership, we stand at the cusp of delivering a suite of fintech solutions that promise not just to meet but exceed the demands of the digital economy. This partnership is a testament to our vision of creating a world where financial services are seamlessly integrated, universally accessible, and inherently secure.
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