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Oasis Engineering Expands Virtual Inspection Services with Cutting-Edge Meta Glasses Technology

Oasis Engineering

Oasis Engineering

Oasis Engineering is excited to announce the expansion of its virtual inspection offering through the integration of cutting-edge Meta Glasses technology

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2024 / — Oasis Engineering, a leader in innovative engineering solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its virtual inspection offering through the integration of cutting-edge Meta Glasses technology. This latest advancement underscores Oasis Engineering’s commitment to being a technology-first company, enhancing our service offerings with the most modern and effective tools available.

Streamlined 1-2-3 Process for Ordering Virtual Inspections:

Step 1: Ordering Your Project Getting started with our advanced virtual inspection services is a simple process. Clients can easily request an inspection through our user-friendly online forms available on our website. The form captures all the necessary details about the project, including site location, type of inspection required, and preferred dates. This streamlined approach makes it easy for clients to initiate the inspection process with minimal effort.

Step 2: Shipment of Meta Glasses for Video Inspection Upon receiving the project request, Oasis Engineering will promptly ship the Meta Glasses directly to the client’s location. These state-of-the-art glasses enable our expert engineers to perform remote visual inspections (RVI) in real-time. The high-quality video feed provided by Meta Glasses ensures comprehensive, efficient, and precise inspections. For clients who do not already possess the necessary equipment or those requiring specialized inspection services, this ensures top-tier inspection technology is readily accessible without the need for significant upfront investment.

Step 3: Fast Turnaround on Engineering Reports or Letters Once the inspection is completed, our team of experienced engineers reviews the video feed and compiles a detailed engineering report or letter. This report provides a thorough analysis of the inspection findings, including observations, assessments, and recommendations. Clients can expect a fast turnaround, ensuring timely and accurate documentation is delivered to support their project needs.

Key Benefits of Oasis Engineering’s Virtual Inspections with Meta Glasses:

– High-Quality Video Feed: Experience crystal-clear video resolution for detailed and accurate virtual inspections.
– Real-Time Remote Visual Inspections (RVI): Our engineers can guide and perform inspections from remote locations, providing instant feedback and recommendations.
– Accessibility: Clients without existing equipment can have Meta Glasses shipped directly to their site, ensuring no one is left without this advanced capability.
– Efficiency: Reduce travel costs and save time by utilizing remote inspection technology.
– Expert Support: Oasis Engineering’s team of experts is on standby to assist with the implementation and utilization of Meta Glasses.

Oasis Engineering is dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable engineering solutions to a diverse range of industries. With a focus on integrating the latest technology to improve service delivery, we strive to set the standard in the engineering field. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives us to continuously evolve and enhance our service offerings.

For more information on our expanded virtual inspection services and to inquire about Meta Glasses shipments, please visit our website at or contact our customer service team at

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