Monday, July 15, 2024
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Zeal - Fat Truck
May 28, 2024


Zeal Motor Inc., the manufacturer of the renowned FAT TRUCK®, announces the official launch of its new division, FAT TRUCK® DEFENSE, dedicated to supporting the defense sector. This initiative marks a significant expansion in Zeal Motor’s commitment to innovative mobility solutions across various demanding environments including energy infrastructure, mining exploration, search & rescue, and military operations.

The establishment of the FAT TRUCK® DEFENSE division is driven by two main objectives: enhancing mobility capabilities in Arctic conditions with models specifically configured for cargo logistics, personnel transport, and search & rescue operations; and advancing the exclusive partnership with leading defense supplier Rheinmetall Canada. This collaboration integrates Rheinmetall’s cutting-edge autonomous vehicle technology into the Mission Master family of uncrewed ground systems (UGSs), based on the FAT TRUCK® platform.

Maxim O’Shaughnessy, President of Zeal Motor, commented, “The FAT TRUCK® was tested in the Arctic, where it performed exceptionally at temperatures as low as -46°C. Capable of traveling at 40 kph on Arctic land and 5 kph on water, as well as climbing steep icy hills and vertical walls, the FAT TRUCK® meets rigorous safety standards and adds remarkable new capabilities to operational readiness. Our team is dedicated to supporting the defense market with innovative mobility solutions. Our new factory is equipped to meet growing demands, and we are committed to providing responsive support for our products and users in the field. The creation of a dedicated defense division aligns with our strategic plan to further develop innovative off-road vehicle solutions and expand production capacity.”

Zeal Motor continues to invest in its research and development center and has inaugurated a new manufacturing plant to ensure it can meet the fast-growing demand for its pioneering off-road products.

A Fat Truck®8X8 Cargo, along with the complete line-up of Rheinmetall Mission Master UGSs will be on display at CANSEC in Ottawa from May 29-30th, 2024.

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