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November 24, 2021

XYZ Reality launches pioneering new Augmented Reality technology to transform mission critical construction

XYZ Reality, the transformational construction technology company behind Holosite, the world’s first Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality platform, reveals its ground-breaking new device: The Atom, the most accurate AR headset for construction, as part of its worldwide commercial launch.

A next-generation engineering-grade AR headset, The Atom, is now the most accurate AR tool for construction, and is set to transform the way mission critical construction is carried out worldwide.

Combining a safety-certified hardhat, augmented reality displays and the in-built, computing power of HoloSite, the device positions holograms of BIM models onsite to millimetre accuracy.

This engineering-grade tool makes the entire construction journey safer, smarter and more efficient, reducing waste, de-risking processes and delivering bottom line benefits for contractor and asset owner alike.

Over the last two years during its restricted commercial programme, XYZ Reality has deployed its technology to projects valued at over £1.5 billion, working with selected customers on several complex projects. This collaboration with some of the biggest names in the construction sector, not only refined its proprietary technology, but proved XYZ Reality’s proposition as a leading, construction-dedicated technology provider.

The introduction of The Atom is central to XYZ Reality’s wider commercial launch, which responds to a sharp increase in data centre asset owners and general contractors’ appetite for the proprietary solution, particularly from those who have already observed the power of XYZ Reality’s engineering-grade AR technology.

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