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September 19, 2018

Winnipeg homeowners on hook for tens of thousands for sewer hook up they didn’t want


At 65-years-old Gary Slota had to go back to work to pay for upgrades to the sewer and water system on his Transcona street.

“My retirement fund is depleting,” he said. “It’s very stressful, I don’t sleep properly, I have to take aids to sleep, I feel like I’m screaming but no one is listening.”

Slota is one of about 20 homeowners on Ravelston Avenue West that are on the hook for thousands of dollars.

Last September property owners got a notice from the city that they would be expected to pay $122 per frontage foot for wastewater sewer construction on their roads, as well as thousands more for installing and connecting a private sewer service pipe from their home to the sewer main.

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Slota’s home has about 150 feet of frontage, meaning he’s going to have to spend more than $18,000 for his share of the wastewater sewer construction. That is in addition to the thousands he has already spent on his private line.

Slota’s neighbour Eddie Miller says he’s already shelled out $17,000 to connect to the main sewer line.

The homes on the quiet street are now surrounded by new builds. In that September letter to home owners, the city said “these works are part of a new residential development in the area.”

And that’s frustrating residents.

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