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April 25, 2019

Winnipeg condo owners suing builder, engineer over foundation issues



As reported on CTV News, a group of Assiniboia condo owners are getting a small reprieve after the city demanded they fix the buildings’ foundations.

Paul Schroeder said he had no idea there were foundation problems when he moved into his Riverside Glen condo in 2012.

“I moved in, a month later the city’s at my door – ‘here’s a structural orders letter,’” He said. “ And I’m like, ‘What’s this? How did this happen?’”

The city said the foundation of the homes is not up to code and needs to be fixed.

John Kiernan, the director of property, planning, and development said what was built doesn’t match the plans submitted to the city.

“Our inspectors when they were out on site actually noticed foundations on the next group of homes being built, contacted the builder and the engineer and said, ‘We think there’s a problem here,’” he said.

The condo owners filed a lawsuit against the builder and engineer.

Monday they made another plea or the city to wait until the lawsuit is resolved before making them fix the problem.

The condo owners said having to cover the expense out of pocket will cost around $225,000 and could bankrupt some of them.

The committee agreed to the request.

The trial is set for next April.

Read the original news item on CTV News here


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