Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Wildfire blog - First Onsite
May 9, 2023

Wildfires – How to Prepare and React

The fire season in Canada has started at record levels and being prepared is the best defence.

The Rising Dangers of Wildfires

Recent events in regions across Canada have highlighted how wildfires are impacting our communities. The data shows we are experiencing more wildfires and they continue to intensify in size and heat. Together these increases also threatens our ability to contain the wildfires as effectively. Many factors affect wildfire behaviour and year-over-year data shows that rising temperatures contribute to the increased frequency. With increasing heat, there will continue to be greater expanses of dry land and dry, vegetative fuels to burn.

The Long Reach of Wildfires

When fires that ignite in wildland areas encroach on communities, they quickly threaten public health and safety, human-developed infrastructure, and can leave devastating effects in their wake, including:

  • Risks to community safety from environmental hazards and damage to property
  • Reduced and poor air quality for weeks from travelling smoke drifts
  • Property damage and loss from fire, smoke and water damage

Keep reading on – Download Wildfire Disaster Recovery Guide

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