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Canada liveable
July 13, 2022

Why Canada Is One Of The Most Liveable Places In The World

When it comes to finding the best place to live what is high on your agenda? What criteria are looking for to make a town or city the perfect home. Is it crime rates? House prices? Schooling options? What may be the perfect place for you could differ to your neighbor, everyone has their nuisances and preferences. That said there are some universal principles that most people can agree on, principles that dictate whether or somewhere is a a desirable place to live. 

Canada has long enjoyed a favorable reputation in terms of quality of life. Being one of the largest countries in the world it enjoys a population density of only 10 people per square mile, a number that differs hugely to countries such as the U.K, which stands at 702 people per square mile. Across its vast landscape you can enjoy spectacular scenery, limitless outdoor sports and activities whatever the season, unrivaled crime rates and all of the opportunities that are typically enjoyed by countries that boast stable economies, strong employment prospects and excellent education systems. 

It is no wonder that around 20% of Canada’s population were born outside of Canada and that three of Canada’s major cities feature in the Economist Intelligence Unit most liveable cities in the world research. When considering decisive factors such as healthcare, education, infrastructure and crime rates, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto all ranked in the top 10. 

To elaborate further on what exactly makes these cities some of the best in the world to live in, Wild Mountain Immigration have put together this helpful information sheet, detailing exactly what is so great about these Canadian cities. 

Infographic design by Wild Mountain Immigration

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