Friday, December 9, 2022
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T. Harris - Nov 15 - featured
November 8, 2022

Webinar: What is Silica and Why is it a Workplace Hazard?

Silica, or crystalline silica, is a mineral that is found in many construction materials such as sand, cement, gravel, stone, brick and mortar. Over-exposure to silica can cause coughing, breathing difficulties, wheezing, eye irritation, lung cancer, or silicosis. In order to avoid these, employers have a duty to train employees on tasks that may expose them to these hazards. These tasks may include cutting bricks with a handheld power saw, cutting concrete blocks with a stationary masonry saw, or grinding mortar. 

Because of these hazards, T. Harris Environmental Management is inviting you to a complimentary webinar to be held on November 15th. This webinar will discuss: 

  • history of silica 
  • what silica is 
  • common uses for silica in the workplace 
  • guidelines for protecting the worker against silica

Learn from our expert Occupational Hygienist, Richard Quenneville, about the newest workplace hazard during our complimentary webinar. 

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