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10 ways to survive the new supervisor nightmare
January 7, 2021

Webinar: 10 ways to survive the new supervisor nightmare

with Marie Gervais, PhD., CEO Shift Management Inc.

On January 13th, 9 AM MDT, our masterclass “10 Ways to Survive the New Supervisor Nightmare”  focuses on solving those issues that bedevil most new supervisors. You will get the top 10 list, with a deep dive into these three critical must-learns:

1. Setting the rules

2. Getting people to like you

3. Managing up

Approach your supervisory role with confidence using the tips and tools from Shift’s first Masterclass of the year in 2021!

On January 13th, 9 am MDT, attend this free masterclass live to get your personal questions answered and watch the recording later to refresh your memory!

Handouts include a link and checklist. Read the article HERE to get an idea of what you will learn in advance – expect a very valuable deep dive into the three keystone areas during the 60 minute masterclass. 

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