Saturday, October 20, 2018

Update on Mississauga’s Matheson Pond Project

The City of Mississauga recently implemented a stormwater charge on residential and commercial property. It’s also started work on infrastructure projects designed to better absorb stormwater. It’s a no brainer to realize that when you pave over natural land with concrete and asphalt, the chances of the stormwater runoff being absorbed back into the earth decreases.

One of those projects was designed to alleviate flooding of Cooksville Creek. This stormwater management pond, known as the Matheson Pond Project, is being constructed to deal with flooding issues and protect other environmental features in the Cooksville watershed, such as water quality and stream erosion. The pond was designed to provide quality control for flows up to those ‘100 year storms.’

According to Muneef Ahmad, the city’s Manager of Stormwater Projects, the infrastructure element of the Matheson Pond is nearing completion and they are moving to the final landscaping. The city will also be completing a number of lookouts, installing outdoor fitness equipment, public art, and a 1 kilometre walking loop trail.

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