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May 24, 2023

Tridel and partners bring mental health to the forefront of construction safety

Tridel, Canada’s leading condominium builder, alongside government and industry stakeholders, came together for a recent event focused on mental health in the workplace, held at Tridel’s Auberge on the Park community in North York.

This event aimed to raise awareness about workplace mental health and wellness, focusing on addressing the stigma around mental health in the construction industry. Guests included the Honourable Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario, Andrew Pariser, Vice President of RESCON, Dr. David Gratzer, medical doctor and Centre for Additional and Mental Health (CAMH) psychiatrist, and other industry and Tridel guests.

This event is a part of Tridel’s Built for Respect mandate, first launched in 2020, as a collective effort by industry, union, and government stakeholders to create safe, healthy, and inclusive workplaces.  

“Mental health is just as important as physical health. At Tridel, we believe that creating a safe and supportive environment is crucial for the well-being of our employees. We’ve learned that the pandemic and social isolation have drastically affected people’s mental health and well-being. This event and our Built for Respect initiatives continue to raise awareness and expand the topic of safety to include mental health. Standing alongside members of the home-building industry and government officials who share our dedication to safe communities, we are committed to providing the necessary resources to support the mental well-being of our employees.” – Jim Ritchie, President, Tridel.

Tridel has invited government officials and industry associations to help amplify the conversation in support of mental wellness, noting that the ability to work collectively and reach a wider audience can bring change to this large-scale issue.

“Raising awareness about workplace mental health and wellness is the right thing to do, as we strengthen access to mental health supports from the skilled trades to Ontario schools,” said Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education. “Our government understands that there is no health without mental health. We know that more than ever before, many people face mental health challenges, which is why we are so encouraged by the actions of industry, government and community coming together to improve the well-being of workers, families, and young people.”

Mental health and addiction issues in the workplace are prevalent among workers in construction. An industry-level response was urged to address the severity of the opioid crisis following a report by Public Health Ontario issued in July 2022.

“As a local councillor, I emphasize the critical role of mental health in the construction industry. The well-being of our construction workers is paramount, and we must recognize the unique challenges they face. By prioritizing mental health initiatives, such as the work that Tridel is doing with this event today, and fostering a supportive environment, we can ensure their overall health and productivity. Let us continue to put the spotlight on the value of mental wellness, ultimately enhancing the lives of our dedicated workers and strengthening our community as a whole.” – Councillor Jon Burnside, Don Valley East.

Tridel took proactive steps over a year ago to ensure all its active construction sites have naloxone kits and personnel trained to administer the doses if needed – one of the first builders in the industry to do so. Tridel has also implemented several programs to support mental health, including an Employee and Family Assistance Program and self-directed courses through its SiteDocs Safety application and Learning Management System.

“Safety is a core value at Tridel, and introducing new, comprehensive training intended to protect the overall health of our employees will play a critical role in keeping our workplaces safe. Just as we have physical safety training on-site, mental and emotional safety training is just as important. We are looking forward to the information the experts from CAMH will provide our staff, so they will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to support their team members’ mental health.” – Peter Meneguzzi, Senior Vice President, Construction at Tridel.

Tridel is starting to work with CAMH to educate its people managers to identify signs of crisis, create safe spaces for difficult conversations, and know when to seek additional help.

“Prioritizing and addressing mental health in the workplace is the right thing to do,” said CAMH President and CEO, Sarah Downey. “We’re thrilled to see Tridel step up to provide their staff with mental health supports. CAMH looks forward to working with them to support their employees, ensuring that no one is left behind.”

RESCON, Ontario’s leading association of residential builders, recently hosted their fourth Annual Mental Health Summit, citing that work-related stress, depression, and anxiety have surpassed musculoskeletal injuries in the construction industry.

“RESCON is at the forefront of prioritizing mental health in the construction industry. Through pioneering initiatives like our inaugural industry-wide mental health symposium in 2018 and ongoing annual symposiums, RESCON has consistently focused on the well-being of workers in the construction industry. By integrating mental health considerations into industry best practice guides and maintaining a resolute focus on education, awareness, and destigmatization, RESCON is driving positive change. With continued dedication, RESCON ensures that every worker has equitable access to the essential resources for their mental well-being. We applaud Tridel, the founding member of RESCON’s Health and Safety Committee, for demonstrating leadership in all areas, especially mental health.” – Andrew Pariser, Vice President, RESCON.

Built for Respect is Tridel’s mandate to support diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a workplace where everyone feels they belong and is physically and psychologically safe. Tridel looks to continue its Built for Respect campaign on relevant issues within the industry.