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Mad Elevator
July 26, 2021

The new normal is already here. Is your building ready?

In many ways, the construction and manufacturing industry reflects the changes happening in society at large, and of late these industries have undergone sweeping changes. The return to the office has brought with it an increased focus on designing physical spaces with an eye towards public health and safety. This has presented new opportunities for companies like Toronto-based MAD Elevator, which manufactures elevator interiors and fixtures, and develops digital elevator solutions. The company has developed new products to prevent the spread of germs in an area many of us use on a daily basis: elevators.

Products like the PHANTOM Touchless Sensor, which allows nearly any manufacturer’s elevator button to become touchless. Passengers simply hover their finger over buttons to select their destination without ever having to touch them. MAD also offers the Sherman Touchless button to replace hallway call buttons, providing a completely touchless experience. The Sherman Touchless is an easy upgrade option for existing MAD or TK Elevator V8 buttons, or for new fixtures. In order to meet code requirements, traditional buttons will remain in place.

Large public spaces like hotels or convention centers often have their own app, which helps guests do building-specific things like book a room or service. To add even more functionality, MAD has developed FreeRide, which enables anyone to call an elevator and select their destination on their smartphone via Bluetooth. Available for both iOS and Android, MAD works with the building’s app developers to embed this code into their existing app for guests to use; further reducing touchpoints and the spread of germs.

There is no denying the impact that COVID-19 has had on all aspects of life and society. For businesses, it means learning how essential it is to quickly adapt to new realities and offer real, tangible value to its tenants and visitors. For an elevator company like MAD, it means creating experiences that not only get you to your destination, but keep you safe while doing it.

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