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April 24, 2018

Sustainable Technology trends In Canadian real estate

Real estate is an industry that is continually fuelled by innovation in its applications and technologies. The housing market has been an avid adopter of the latest trends in design and architecture, while meeting the changing needs and demands of its consumers. Recently, significant steps are being made towards a more positive global and environmental impact – introducing “green” innovation into the way homes are designed.

Here are some of the key trends and issues that are successfully merging sustainability and technology, while making a significant impact in the Canadian real estate market:

1. Emphasis on Sustainable Building Materials

Wood is making a successful comeback as a building material, in both residential and commercial building projects. It is a sustainable material that is even said to have less impact on the life cycle of the structure than concrete – the main purpose of using wood in construction is to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction. 

Canada’s real estate market has put significant efforts into creating and promoting sustainability through projects based on wooden structures. Some of the most impressive examples are Montreal’s soccer stadium and Arbora project, as well as Quebec City’s Origine Tower.

Wood may seem like a less durable building material solution when compared to concrete, but its use is skyrocketing for a good reason. Wooden housing structures are easy to upgrade, and present a cost-effective, sustainable, and low-impact solution to construction.

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