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July 4, 2018

Stratford, PE zoning bylaws under review to allow for more affordable housing


The Town of Stratford may soon loosen up restrictions around secondary suites as a way to provide some more affordable housing options in the community.

The town is currently going through a review of zoning bylaws, with the issue of secondary suites being discussed during last week’s town council meeting.

Coun. Jody Jackson had proposed the town look at loosening restriction on what he described as “in-law suites,” which is when part of a single-family home gets rented out to another family member.

“It would help with potential affordable housing for some,” said Jackson, noting the town’s low vacancy rates. “I’d like to see us, if we’re not looking at it, at least to think about it.”

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Coun. Keith MacLean, who chairs planning committee, said the town is already looking into that possibility.

“And I think you’ll see in the new bylaw review, some changes to make that more accessible in the town,” said MacLean, adding that he preferred to use the term “secondary suites.” “Because I don’t think it should be just based on families… they actually give incentives to do secondary suites. A university student or someone could get affordable housing and then it also allows young couples to get the home, get the mortgage approved and then as the family matures they can easily convert these homes back to single units if they want.”

Currently, Stratford has what MacLean described as very strong rules against secondary and in-law suites.

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