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September 5, 2018

Speeding tickets in Calgary construction zones up more than 1300% this year


The number of speeding tickets issued in Calgary construction zones has increased by at least 1,300 per cent since last year, according to Calgary police statistics released to Global News on Tuesday.

A total of 76,390 speeding violation tickets in construction zones — with and without workers present — were issued between January and June 2018.

It’s 14 times the amount of tickets compared to last year when 5,233 speeding ticket violations were issued in Calgary construction zones from January to June.

“The numbers are quite alarming,” said Const. Chris Moriarity. “We’re talking numbers that are just in the first six months of the year, from January to June, and [in terms of] tickets that have been issued in construction zones without workers present, we’re up to nearly 40,000 of those tickets being issued.

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“And then with construction zones that actually have workers present, we’re a little over 36,000.”

Calgary police said they understand construction can be frustrating for drivers but added that the amount of tickets issued was surprising.

“The frustration levels have got to be just enormous for drivers [but] it doesn’t negate the fact that the rules are the rules — we have to slow down in these zones, we have to obey those signs because it’s all about safety for those construction workers.”

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