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November 28, 2018

Smart Tech Pavilion for commercial real estate debuts at PM Expo 2018

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TORONTONov. 28, 2018 /CNW/ – This year, the first-ever Smart Tech Pavilion for Commercial Real Estate debuts at PM Expo 2018. Held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, November 28 – 30, as a part of The Buildings Show, PM Expo represents a key component of North America’s largest exposition, networking and educational event for design, architecture, construction and real estate industries. In addition to the Smart Tech Pavilion sponsored by Smart Technology leader, RYCOM, PM Expo is also featuring seminars with participating RYCOM Thought Leaders and key Commercial Real Estate Industry Leaders weighing in on the current innovations and future applications of Smart Technology for Commercial Real Estate.

Both the Smart Tech Pavilion and these Smart Tech Seminars are bringing the complexities of the Smart Tech conversation front and center for the Canadian Real Estate Market. For the duration of this 3-day show, RYCOM will bring together an unprecedented cross section of Industry Experts and Leaders to join the discussion that will serve to unify this divergent conversation and connects the dots between the major building blocks necessary for creating an agile Smart Property, Smart Portfolio and Smart City from the ground up, including:

  1. Strategy
  2. Infrastructure BBN
  3. Building System Integration
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Managed Services
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Education & Resources
  8. Partners & Solutions
  9. Outcomes & Results

“There can be no more proprietary islands,” stated Gord Echlin, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Triacta. “This grouping of companies reflects and leads the broad spectrum of technologies and services that are required to smoothly interoperate to deliver complex projects that drive Smart results. Intelligent building solutions need to work to support a smart city/smart grid where ‘open’ enables ‘big data’. Triacta is very excited to be participating in this conversation and the very first Smart Tech Pavilion.”

“The explosion of Smart Technology has enabled wonderful advancements and efficiencies for the Commercial Real Estate space-while also creating a greater need for cyber defense of these critical assets.” stated Jon Murchison, CEO of Blackpoint Cyber. “This critical conversation is so timely for the advancement of Smart Tech Solutions for the Commercial Real Estate market. Blackpoint is honored to participate and present our technical solutions for cyber defense of real estate assets with our partner RYCOM at this inaugural Smart Tech Pavilion.”

The RYCOM Smart Tech Pavilion covers over 1200sq ft of exhibition space and features:

  1. Live Smart Tech Talks with key Industry Leaders providing timely perspective on the major Smart Building Blocks for agile Smart Properties and Portfolios. Visitors to PM Expo 2018 can listen in to live tapings at the Smart Tech Live Video Studio.
  2. The Canadian Smart Property Showcase of leading Success Stories will spotlight and celebrate the successes of over a dozen award winning Canadian Commercial Real Estate properties including Yorkdale Shopping Mall, One Queen St. E, Bramalea City Centre and Queen Richmond Centre West. Visitors to the Smart Tech Pavilion can speak directly with project leaders at the Smart Property Showcase Gallery about real world challenges and next steps for creating and maintaining a Smart Property from the ground up.
  3. Smart Tech Experts touching every aspect of Smart will also be on hand to provide perspective and guidance for the Smart Tech journey and will be demonstrating cutting-edge Smart Tech Solutions. Featured exhibitors include:
  1. RYCOM
  2. Cisco
  3. Comstor
  4. Corning
  5. Blackpoint
  6. Graybar
  7. Eaton
  8. Averics Systems
  9. Wavestore
  10. Habtech
  11. Triacta

Featured sponsors include Wiredscore and the Integral Group.

In addition to the Smart Tech Pavilion, visitors can register for Smart Seminars featuring RYCOM Thought Leaders and Industry Leaders held at the PM Expo, TorontoNovember 28, 2018 at 10:30am and 1:00p:

Seminar 1: The Building Blocks of a Smart Building: Getting Smart and Connected from the Ground Up

Seminar 2: What is the Value of the Integrated Data Generated by Your Smart Building?

About RYCOM:

RYCOM develops innovative, integrated Smart technology solutions that are tailored to increase the value of, and enable business success for, its clients. Founded in 1997, RYCOM is proud to be a trusted advisor to and long-term partner of leading organizations across North America in diverse sectors – real-estate (all categories and classes), government, media and retail, to name a few. By staying at the forefront of technology solutions, utilizing best-in class support models, focusing on precision, protection and performance, and delivering quality services with the highest level of care and support, RYCOM simplifies technology for clients so they can focus on their core business while achieving operational and measurable results. For more information about RYCOM, please visit


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