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August 27, 2018

Seven contractors announced to build the Trans Mountain expansion


Momentum is building for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, with Kinder Morgan Canada releasing an updated list of the final construction contractors.

The company had previously released a list of six companies to lead the work on the $7.4 billion project in September 2017, but has since added WorleyParsonsCord as the seventh construction firm.

“The final list provides a mixture between union and non-unionized contractors, and we’re pleased with the caliber and experience of the companies selected. Each contractor was chosen for its expertise in delivering quality work, availability and the individual needs and complexities of each portion of the project,” Trans Mountain media relations told JWN.

Construction activities at the Trans Mountain Westridge Marine Terminal have been ongoing since September 2017.

Pipeline construction preparation activities, such as surveying, staking and flagging the right-of-way, and installing signage began on Spread 2 in Central Alberta earlier this month. Trans Mountain says right of way clearing for Spread 2 will also begin this month.

“Work is underway along the entire pipeline route to develop temporary infrastructure sites such as stockpile sites, construction yards and camps,” the company said. “Work will begin in Spread 3 in September 2018 and Spread 4 (in Northeast B.C.) in November 2018.”

Here are the construction contractors:

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