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May 15, 2018

SCSA Expands App, Explores Virtual Reality

REGINA, SK, May 10, 2018 – Today the SCSA is proud to make two announcements. First, in response to member feedback, five additional topics have been added to the Guide to OHS Legislation app that was released last September – Harassment; Working Alone; First Aid; Duties of the Employer, Supervisor, Contractor and Prime Contractor; and Protection for Electrical Workers. Thousands have taken advantage of this free app, downloading it from either the Apple or Google stores.

Second, the SCSA is excited to announce a new partnership with White Rabbit VR, a division of Twisted Pair Productions to develop 360 degree Virtual Reality experiences for the safety training environment in Saskatchewan.

“One of the cool things about this partnership is that virtual reality takes the way we teach – in the classroom, on the work site, in demos – to a whole new level,” explains, Collin Pullar, “our Board is excited to bring these tools to the industry. This changes the game for us in so far as building stronger impressions in learning. It gives the user experience in navigating dangerous situations and developing safety management systems in a safe way.”

“We always remind our clients that VR is not the technology of tomorrow – its the technology of today. Businesses that have used it have proven VR is effective in cutting costs, improving safety and improving learner retention. We would like to thank SCSA for the opportunity to bring this technology to Saskatchewan,” said Mike MacNaughton, president and CEO of Twisted Pair / White Rabbit VR.

The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association was founded by a group of business leaders who stepped up and voiced the opinion that things had to change, too many people were getting injured and losing their lives at work. They felt that they could do things differently when it came to safety and they did. The organization today, is a legacy of that leadership and the commitment to safety that the founding companies embraced, has changed the economy with respect to the costs associated with injuries and fatalities.

SCSA President, Collin Pullar, elaborates, “We have learned over the years telling people how to stay safe isn’t enough to overhaul a culture that has historically struggled with safety, anything that is going to affect a change in an organization and a province, has to be done at the leadership level. Our new mission, Constructing Safety Leadership, is entirely about supporting safety leaders.” The SCSA has recently gone through some major changes as an organization. A key strategic focus of the SCSA Board of Directors has been modernizing services for members represented the construction industry, be that current best practices, up-to-date tools or technological innovations.

About the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) is an industry-funded, membership-based, non-profit organization that provides cost-effective, accessible safety training and advice to employers and employees in the construction industry throughout the province to reduce the human and financial losses associated with injuries. Registered March 20, 1998 the SCSA is, and has been since inception, committed to injury prevention. Serving almost 10,000 member companies, the major business units of the association are Advisory Services, Business Development, Corporate Services, Program Services and Training.

About White Rabbit VR, a division of Twisted Pair Productions

White Rabbit VR is a Regina-based enterprise offering a full range of virtual reality solutions including museum displays, tourism videos and training applications. It’s parent company, Twisted Pair Productions, has over 25 years of experience in media production and launched the VR division in 2016.


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