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April 8, 2019

Saskatchewan restricts 5 bridges built by company that erected bridge which collapsed opening day



As reported on CBC News, the Saskatchewan government has directed four municipalities in the province to put weight restrictions on bridges in their RMs because there is a risk of the “potential failure of the bridge if a heavy truck drives over it.”

The restrictions are being placed on five total bridges. Two of them are in the RM of Perdue and the others are in the RMs of Caledonia, Mervin and Scott. All five were built by Can-struct Systems.

Deputy Minister of Highways Fred Antunes told CBC that the Ministry decided to do a wider review after the collapse in the RM of Clayton last year of the Dyck Memorial Bridge.

The ministry hired a consultant to review bridges known to have a similar design and construction to the one that collapsed and that had been built by Can-struct.

On Tuesday, the consultant gave a preliminary report to the ministry. It said that for the the five bridges in question, the superstructures, the decks and girders were designed in such a way that they may not be able to bear a heavy load.

“I guess we were significantly concerned after we saw the presentation that we felt we couldn’t wait for the final report to come in because there was an issue of public safety,” said Antunes.

He said that once the consultant has completed that report it will be forwarded to the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan, the professional body that oversees the work of engineers in the province.

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