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June 18, 2019

Safety ‘top priority’ for young construction site manager in Truro



As reported in Truro News, Jeremy Lynds may be just 27 years old, but he’s skillfully managing the construction of a new apartment complex in Truro — all while making sure safety is the team’s top priority.

Lonnie Fahey, construction superintendent with Global Construction, says although it’s Lynds’ first time leading a project of this magnitude, “he’s where he should be.”

“He’s maintaining a standard everyone should strive for, and he is managing a crew that’s all older than him — some of them twice his age,” says Fahey. “He’s got around nine workers a day, plus subtrades, and he always has a great attitude and willingness to get the job done.”

The 12-unit apartment complex on Ford Street in Truro is going to be 35 feet tall and include an underground parking structure. Fahey says working so high off the ground can be a serious risk during a project like this, and there are also risks surrounding the use of power tools, air tools and other equipment.

“It’s very important to make sure everybody gets home at the end of the day. Everyone has a family they want to get home to,” says Fahey. “Jeremy is always concerned with making sure everybody makes it home.”

Fahey has worked on construction projects as far away as Bermuda and Japan, and says Lynds is “one of the best (he’s) ever seen” at managing project safety.

Enger Safety is in charge of safety for all of Global Construction’s projects, and owner Kody Messenger agrees that Lynds is doing “exceptionally well” despite his age.

“Safety should never be a negative system. When companies focus on what’s wrong, they always bring productivity and morale down,” says Messenger. “Jeremy and I focus on positive teaching instead of discipline. A worker will only do the right thing consistently if they understand why and how it’s important.”

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