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September 21, 2018

Safety concerns raised after ceiling tiles fall on family in Richmond B.C. mall


The last thing you expect to happen when you are having lunch at a food court is for the ceiling to fall on you.

But that’s just what happened when Crystal Pisa was eating with her family at the Pacific Plaza food court, at Cambie and Garden City roads.

“All of a sudden, the ceiling, the tiles just fell on us. There was water everywhere, food everywhere. We were very shocked and both of my sons started crying,” recalled Pisa.

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The tiles were “fairly large,” according to Pisa, and covered the whole table when they landed before breaking off into little pieces.

“When the tiles fell, they fell right across the face of my younger son, aged 3. One hit him on the top of his head, scratching him all down his face, his forehead, his cheek and his nose,” said Pisa.

“My older son was drenched, soaking wet from head to toe, because there was water coming out of the ceiling when the tiles fell.”

A man in charge of the building on the day came to check the scene and talk to the family, but Pisa said his reaction was “disappointing.”

“He didn’t apologize to us, or check if everyone was ok. He was just assessing the situation and gathering information,” said Pisa.

The family reached out to the property manager later and received a short response saying that they were aware of the incident and had passed it on to the insurance company.

“It was very upsetting to us because the response was so cold, it was not reflective of what actually affected our family,” said Pisa.

“Yes, our stuff got damaged, but our children got hurt, and they were so upset for days after.

“It was so upsetting to know that the person managing the building did not even send out an apology or take any type of responsibility.”

Pisa added that it has been weeks and no one has followed up on the case or asked them questions.

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