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December 18, 2017

How Having the Right Systems in Place Can Protect Your Company

Protecting your company’s property is vital not only because of all the technology and materials that are inside but also because of the safety of your workers. Deciding on the appropriate level of external security depends on the value of the goods inside, although you should at least have adequate security to protect your staff. However, if you ensure that you use the right security tools, you can protect your property and identify potential intruders.

Outer Parameter Security

The outer perimeter of your property is defined by your property lines. The aim of securing these boundaries is to prevent people from walking or driving onto your property without permission. The way that you secure your boundary depends on your perceived threat and the goods that you are keeping in your offices. The highest level of security would be a barbed wire fence that would prevent anyone from scaling the perimeter. If you don’t think that your security warrants a barbed wire fence, then you can use a wooden fence or even hedge. Both are sufficient to prevent anyone from unintentionally entering your property.

Natural Access Control

By using this type of system, you are deliberately channeling your customers into a specific area from the entrance and exit. It prevents them from being able to move outside of this area which not only protects your customers but also gives potential thieves no open access to your property. You can create a natural access control using landscaping features such as bushes, and other buildings.

Security Cameras

One of the best deterrents for criminals are CCTV cameras; they can be used not just outside your property but also on the inside. Many companies now use them as a matter, of course, to spot intruders and also to record violence to staff and customers. The higher the quality of cameras you use, the better the picture will be. Most cameras record onto a disc or videotape, these can then be submitted to the authorities as evidence. If a tape has become damaged or worn they can be recovered using DVR video recovery offered by companies such as Secure Data Recovery to enhance the tape.

Security Passes

To protect your staff and the data held by your company, you can utilize security passes that must be worn always when in the building. These passes will typically include the worker’s face and name so that no-one can masquerade as the real member of staff. Your employees will then be trained to show these to the guards when entering the building and to challenge anyone that isn’t wearing one. For internal security, this is one of the most effective ways to monitor who enters and leaves your building.

When you implement these types of security in and around your property, you should also use them in tandem with other types of security in your building such as night guards, movement detectors and protective doors and windows. With all this working together, your property should remain secure.