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March 8, 2019

Residents express increased confidence in Port Granby Project safety



As reported on, the most recent survey of Port Granby residents shows a growing confidence about the safe movement and management of historic low-level radioactive waste in their community.

Results for the Public Attitude Survey undertaken for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories were released on Feb. 28. The survey shows 76 per cent of all respondents in the Port Granby area are confident that historic low-level radioactive waste can be safely managed at the new long-term waste management facility. That shows a marked increase in confidence in the project from previous surveys. Responses from those living in the vicinity of the project site have shown a 20 per cent increase in confidence since 2014.

“This project had been in the planning stage for a very long time. Before construction started a lot of residents had concerns about safety,” said Bill Daly, communications manager for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. “Residents have lived through three to four years of active construction. The fears aren’t coming true. We’re showing them we’re responsive and responsible.”

The Port Granby project is relocating more than 450,000 cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste from a legacy site on the Lake Ontario shoreline. The waste is from the past practices of the former Crown corporation, Eldorado Nuclear Limited (operated from the 1930s to 1988).

The independent survey was mailed to approximately 800 property owners in the Port Granby area in November 2018 and conducted by CCI Research Inc. In response, 117 residents shared their opinions and attitudes about the project.

Much of the old lakeside site has now been remediated and restored. With the project now well underway, over 80 per cent of respondents were aware the new long-term waste management facility is under construction. For respondents, the most important aspects of the project are protecting and cleaning up the environment, long-term monitoring, and open and transparent public communication.

The majority of survey respondents spoke well of the public communication efforts for the Port Granby project — 72 per cent of survey respondents said they are satisfied and 85 per cent felt the Port Granby Project Citizen Liaison Group is helping to share project information with the community.

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